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Welcome to Nottingham Contemplatives. Our goal is to support and encourage all people who seeking to follow a contemplative path.

This site is based in Christianity, but the path is closely aligned to the spiritual path of all the major religions.

The words meditation and contemplation can be used differently.  On this site they are used interchangeably.

Meditation is simple, being simple means being ourselves. It means passing beyond self consciousness, self analysis and self rejection. Meditation is a universal spiritual practice which guides us into this state of prayer, into the prayer of Christ. It brings us to silence, stillness and simplicity by a means that is itself silent, still and simple.

– Laurence Freeman – Your Daily Practice

On this site you will find resources to help you on your contemplative path. There are groups in and around Nottingham that practice a contemplative approach. There are links to other helpful sites both in the UK and worldwide. Outlined are some of the practices associated with centering prayer and Christian meditation.

There are lists of books and videos that we have found particularly helpful. You can also contact us and join our email list, as well as joining in discussion on our Nottingham Contemplatives Facebook group.

If you would like to promote your group or add information that you think others would find helpful, then we would love to hear from you so that we can add it to the site.   We want to share that which will help us on our spiritual journey.

If you would like to introduce meditation into your school, your hospital, your business, or your organisation, then do get in touch with us.

‘John Main effectively put the desert tradition of prayer to work in our own day……The World Community for Christian Meditation which continues his mission is, for me as many throughout the world, a taste of what a truly contemplative church of the future might look and feel like’         Rowan Williams, Former Archbishop of Canterbury

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